15 Best Books On Selling

 You are reading the book club every  Wednesday we handpick the best books to  improve your life 15 of the best books  on selling welcome to the  place where future billionaires come to  get inspired if you're not subscribed  yet you're missing out Holloway lectures  and welcome back so happy to have you  with us for another fantastic book club  video it's awesome you love these videos  so much and it's a delight seeing so  many people wanting to improve wanting  to be smarter better and reach a whole  new level of Awesome today we're taking  a look at the best collection of sales  books currently on the market sales is  an incredibly lucrative industry that  keeps on soaring to new heights and  becoming more and more profitable the  act of selling means offering your goods  services or expertise in exchange for  money or commodities whether you're  starting out or already a pro there's  never a time when you know too much or  enough times keep changing technology  advances and there's never been a better  time to create a fantastic life for  yourself from sales with that said let's  hop in and take a look at the best books  on sell hang 

number one The greatest  salesman in the world by Og Mandino  no  we're gonna start off strong here and  give you a classic which serves as a  guide to success and a philosophy of  salesmanship for any young aspiring  salesperson Mandino helps the reader to  discover the constructive why behind  selling reframing it from an act of  manipulation to something that can help  you achieve your dreams the book  revolves around how feed a poor camel  boy who aspires to a life of success and  ultimately succeeds in achieving what he  wants well if this book sounds like  something you'd gain a lot of value from  you can find it in the link in the  description or you could go to a lakhs  comm slash a free book and sign up to  get it for free thanks to the great  folks at audible  

number two the psychology of selling by  Brian Tracy if you're in sales  regardless of what level you're at  novice or seasoned pro this book has  something for all of you  it's a guidebook full of practical ideas  strategies and techniques that can be  applied in any market to increase your  sales faster and easier than ever before  Brian Tracy said his promise is  prosperity to everyone and anyone who  reads and applies what he teaches 

number  three way of the wolf by Jordan Belfort  the wolf of Wall Street if you saw the  movie or know Jordans story you probably  anticipated this one being on the list  here Belfort for the first time opens up  and reveals his entire system which he  used to amass incredible wealth for  himself his clients and his sales teams  by the end of this book whatever your  background or career prospects anyone  can benefit from the enclosed tips and  secrets that Jordan Belfort learned in  his prosperous and ostentatious career  

number four the Challenger sale by  Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson the  authors of this book argue that building  a close relationship has become a losing  approach especially when it comes to  selling complex business-to-business  solutions  the Challenger sale takes you to the  core of sales and flips the fundamentals  upside down focusing on being an advisor  and helping your clients toward  bettering their lives through new  solutions for each and every sale 

number  five the ultimate sales machine by Chet  Holmes everyone with an inclination  towards the sales career or thinking of  acquiring some sales skills can find in  this book at least one way to improve  every aspect of their business it's a  compact gem with potentially  life-changing principles that are  entertaining and exciting to read 

number  six new sales simplified by Mike  Weinberg combined with a little humor  new sales simplified provides the reader  with great formulas in terms of  prospecting social media closing deals  and so much more  also Weinberg's  tests that all you need to create a very  proactive sales team is to follow the  framework he provided and success will  come in leaps and bounds 

number seven to  sell is human by David H pink here is an  author that dispels all the outdated  sales stereotypes and takes a fresh  approach on modern sales and sales  psychology everyone who wants to improve  their interactions with clients and  prospects should definitely consider  giving this book a read pink provides  you with valuable knowledge about  understanding another person's  perspective how to be more persuasive  how to make other people more receptive  to what you're saying and much more  

number eight the secrets of closing the  sale by Zig Ziglar a timeless classic  that holds within its pages  evergreen techniques for getting you  positive responses and closing deals for  those of you engaged in sales whether  you're presenting a product an idea or a  service Ziegler's book is vital for your  success in the industry it's full of  real-life entertaining stories that  illustrate Ziegler's principles which  are easy to grasp and apply in your  business we definitely recommend this  book for everyone not just to those in  the sales industry for only $13 51 cents  you can get it from the link in the  description or thanks to our partners at  audible you can now get the audio  version for free by going to a lakhs  comm slash free book and sign up using  the code a luxe 

number nine pitch anything  by Oren Clough pitching is one of the  most crucial parts of a sales process if  you're pitching isn't at least good  everything might go sideways for you  Oren Klaff provides his methods for  making truly great pitches that can  improve your career your finances and  possibly even your life the blueprint  outlined in this book can be applied  immediately to engage and persuade your  audience  

number ten sell or be sold by Grant  Cardone we just had to include one of  cardones books in this list sell or be  sold gives the reader a fresh  perspective on selling and can be very  constructive  to adopt the techniques and philosophies  to all aspects of our lives Grant  Cardone says that in life we are either  selling or being sold to it's crucial to  know the dynamics of both and how to be  in control if you want to know more  about this incredible guy check out our  video 15 things you didn't know about  Grant Cardone  by clicking in the top right corner  

number eleven  spin selling by Neil Rackham spin  selling is the best book to learn how to  do record-breaking high end sales at top  performances  it'll greatly improve your sales  pipeline with simple to understand and  follow methods if you're in the sales  industry and you've yet to read this  book we think it's wise to make it a  priority 

number twelve  exactly what to say  by phil m Jones this author made a  fantastic point when he said the only  thing separating two sales people is  their ability to put their offer in two  exact words to make it count at the  right time Phil Jones and fuses the  pages of his book with the exact formula  for presenting your services to people  that need them making in the process  more sales more money and a life full of  abundance 

number thirteen little red  book of selling by Jeffrey Gitomer it's  short sweet to the point and holds the  answers to all the questions that a  newbie or a pro might pose at one point  in their sales career or another get a  more distilled all the complex  information from the sales world into  this book which will help you get your  feet into more doors than ever before  

number fourteen expert secrets by russell  brunson here's a book that not quite  focuses on selling it's geared more  toward marketing but it packs an  invaluable amount of sales advice which  everyone doing sales should master  Russell wrote this book with the  intention to help you sell your advice  create a mass movement and get your  online business up and running in the  shortest time possible he firmly  believes the impact someone else's  expertise or products could have on  someone else's life is immeasurable  

number fifteen fanatical prospecting by Jeb  Blount here is a great manual for  learning an innovative approach to  prospering that maximizes your efforts  and avoids dead ends  Jeb teaches the reader how to prioritize  prospects and keep the pipeline full of  opportunities by leveraging channels  from multiple platforms he also explains  the number one reason for failure in  sales and why people keep falling for it  well a lack sirs that's a wrap but  before you go we're curious are you in  sales do you think any other books  should be on this list let us know in  the comment section below and as always  for sticking with us until the end  here's your bonus book 

number sixteen how to  win friends and influence people by Dale  Carnegie some of you might have even  read this book but we had to include it  because it's a classic and has helped so  many people become better at sales and  be better people in general this book  provides timeless insights on how to get  people to like you what to do when you  encounter different personalities and  many other interpersonal skills that all  salespeople should learn to master 

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